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Month: March, 2012

Dangerous Dames & Pulp Noir

Illustrations by Glen Orbik


“Ever wonder where big ideas come from?”

minimal marvel

“We can never get too much of superhero inspired art.”

There is something about minimalistic posters that I absolutely can’t resist. Not all of them, but once in a while I find great great pieces, surely you’ll realize this if you keep come checking my blog. I’m quite a fan of Mies’ quote “Less is more”, pretty much on everything – specially cause my instint for things is to complicate, which I’m trying to revert [it’s complicated!]. Back to the posters, these ones are part of a serie of 19 awesome posters, created by Marko Manev, picturing some of the most famous Marvel’s characters. You can find the 19 posters here


Jakub Gulyás, “Princess

cool avocado

minimal lies

These creative humorous posters are designed by Justin Barber. There are some more, worth watching.

(Not a lie this time)

dinnerware etiquette

Melbourne-based art director Sonia Rentsch has an eye for prop styling, as displayed in her spirited tableware series entitled Dinner Etiquette. Rentsch, with the help of photographer Scott Newett, adds life and personality to inanimate objects. Each of the still-life stylist’s creations feature plates and various dining utensils in charming compositions that form representations of the potential diner’s attire.

“Each unique place setting is creatively arranged to simulate a refined individual’s outfit and demeanor. A fork or a knife stands in seamlessly as a tie and a cup serves brilliantly as a hat. It takes true artistic talent to recognize the similarities between dinnerware and clothing and execute the design so well. It is equally important to distinguish which color combinations and shapes complement each other precisely enough to anthropomorphize the display.”

It’s completely amazing how creative artists can get/be. Normal people would think boring fork, lame spoon, plane napkin. After seeing this, some jaws may drop and recognize they were there all along. That’s the awesome part. It’s how you can take normal objects, rearrange it in an unique way, such as this example. Thumbs up!!

via mymodernmet

panic room

Internationally recognized graffiti artist Tilt has just completed this eye-popping interior design work for the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France.  Panic Room is the name that was given to the room – it wasn’t me calling it that way. obviously.

via my modern met

pixar much?

“As a tribute, Melbourne, Australia-based designer Wonchan Lee created this set of minimalist posters featuring most of their films. As he wrote, “Pixar movies are everyone’s favourite. Hoping it will continue to make the world a better place. I’m pleased to dedicate these artworks to Pixar as one of the biggest fans.” Love his perfect use of color and imagery. They’re so well-executed, I want them all.”

“Turning the most realistic 3D animation into the simplest vector graphic. Like mentioned at the beginning of the artwork set, everybody loves Pixar, which means you wouldn’t want to do anything to let them down. Because it has really broad demographics, in terms of age bracket and cultural background, it was very challenging to come up with something that pleases such a wide audience whilst satisfying myself as an artist and as a fan of Pixar, too.” Wonchan Lee

There are some more awesome posters. Read the full article and see all the great graphic design from great movies here