It doesn’t really matter when you’re a kid.

by agnes s.

Some of the lyrics are in Icelandic and some in “Hopelandish“, the language invented by the band’s songwriter, Jon ‘Jonsi’ Birgisson.
Georg Holm explained the meaning of “Hoppipolla”: “We like to play with words a lot, put two words together for example, and make a new word out of it. It means jumping into puddles. It should be two words but it’s almost like a name now. The lyrics describe an atmosphere, a memory or something, like being a kid jumping into puddles, falling down and getting a nosebleed, getting back up… It doesn’t really matter when you’re a kid.”

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love the original video – but a good friend brought me into this, on this early sunday morning and I’m just smiling all the way. Like a kid.