permanently disposable

by agnes s.

Cheeming Boey lives in California and does stuff with computers by day, but by night he makes art with a styrofoam cup and a sharpie. The result is a series of monochrome images that cannot be fully seen from any one angle, incorporating a broad range of visual styles and a dense array of textures on a typically unvalued surface. Don’t Panic asked him what it’s all about.

DP: You draw on styrofoam cups. But we throw those away! That’s crazy! Why do something so crazy?

CB: I didn’t think it was crazy. People draw on napkins, receipts, wood. I was outside a coffee shop and had the urge to sketch while  people watched. I found a foam cup on top of a trash can, and it was all I had, so that was what I worked with.

It turned out nice, and I kept it. Then I made it a point to collect more, so I drew on more cups.

One day a co worker asked what I was going to do with all the cups I had around my workspace, and I said,” they’re nice, maybe I can sell them one day.” To which he said, “no one is going to buy that crap.” And here I am.

You can see the full collection Coffee Cups right here.