legitimately nostalgic

by agnes s.

The Hungry Workshop recently printed the coast­ers and busi­ness cards for Super Whatnot, a new Brisbane-based bar. Designed byAdam Gower, the printed mate­ri­als fea­ture a two-color palette and lots of salt­ing to give them a nos­tal­gic look inspired by old-world men’s clubs and vin­tage American sport­ing Motifs.

“The branding plays on the modern world’s affinity for nostalgia. Drawing upon inspiration from established old-world men’s clubs and vintage American sporting Motifs, the monogram execution seems to perfectly befit the heritage of the space.

Dating back to the 1900’s, with exposed brick, reclaimed timber flooring and expansive high ceilings, the bar is simultaneously raw, industrial and steeped in antiquity. Playing on these contradictory factors, the established design aesthetic of the logo sits in stark contrast to the whimsical randomness of the name ‘Super Whatnot’. This juxtaposition was paramount to the design process.

Again drawing upon this steeped in history’ visual style, it was a natural decision to print the cards and coasters using letterpress. My greatest joy was in seeing my client react to his new cards like he had just unveiled a secret box of branding from the 40’s.”

photography by Florian Groehn