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Month: May, 2012

sunny june

Ooh, so baby lets get it on
Drinking wine, and killing time and sittin in the summer sun
You know, I wanted you so long
Why did you have to drop that bomb on me.


do I look like an egg?

hang out

fancy dabba

Dabba means lunchbox in Hindi and is inspired by the Dabbawallas of Mumbai. This ingenious design aims at making you choose healthy food options and pack a balanced meal for work. Each box displays a food icon and is sized to keep portions in check.


Philographics | philosophy posters

Genis Carreras turning philosophy complex concepts into basic shapes


Letter shaped boxes for each different vitamin supplement

qualcuno vicino

just in case

If the year 2012 does bring the world to an end, Mexican branding company Menosunocerouno plan to face the apocalypse in style with a survival kit that includes chocolate and hard liqueur. 

via 5oclocktea