simple story | intrincate process

by agnes s.

Melvin the mini Machine is specifically designed to travel the world. With the ability to fit inside two old briefcases, Melvin the mini Machine shows the same careful and intricate Rube Goldberg system carrying out the simple task as inefficiently as possible. If the machine was going to travel, it needed to tell a story and interact with the place it showcases in and the people who view it. To create this story, HEYHEYHEY collaborated with PostPanic assigning visual language, texture and history to the new Melvin the mini Machine. A walk to the park, two old briefcases and elements from past decades all go towards creating the interactions between the chain reaction system where a quiet and yet excited man for example, with a bow tie and a pipe impatiently awaits setting up the machine to begin its journey. At the end, Melvin the mini Machine signs its own postcard and stamps it to be sent by mail. A simple story with an intricate process; HEYHEYHEY continues with what they originally set out to do, create things that come to their attention where we continue to see great products arise out of that simple desire.

via yatzer