when it speaks to the soul

by agnes s.

All pictures by Ivan Terestchenko [himself on the first picture]

Ivan, when did you know that you were a photographer?
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always thought I’d be an artist and I was a painter until the age of thirty. I found out that to make a name in the world of contemporary art would request compromises I wasn’t prepared for and I hated the solitary life that comes with it. Photography was an option only that gradually became a passion and thank God, I’m not bored with it.

When you go in to photograph a home, be it a shack or chateau, how do you distill the essence of its owner?
I am much more interested in the personality of the owner than the place itself. After the general view,a necessary routine, I focus on relevant details, may it be photos, books, unpredictable tokens of intimate life. Sometimes, I even open the fridge. You are what you eat.

Have you ever tried to limit your subject matter?
One has to limit one’s subject matter. Certain places are so rich that there would be many different ways to look at them. It needs a strong discipline not to get carried away and focus on the substance.

In your opinion, when does photography succeed?
Photography succeeds when it speaks to the soul.

Do you surf?
I do. Apart from the sport itself, I have a romantic approach to surf. I see surfers as modern knights, with a code, a quest, a strong esthetical identity, and bonds between self dedication and love for nature highly appealing and photogenic.

[some questions taken from two different interviews]

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