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Month: August, 2012

finally, yes

Yep, I’m leaving for two weeks- i’m not even taking with me my laptop aaand I don’t have internet there so it will be peaceful and recharging, or at least let’s hope. Have a great time!

Oh, a special smile today for Julia Child! B(aun)njouuurrrrr*

cachez-vous. voici un spadassin qui vous cherche

hold still

choose wisely

grass – grass everywhere

Greenery installation branch Wow! Grass! of UK turf company Lindum has covered the entirety of the nave belonging to york minster with a layer of real grass. The 16,000 square foot grass artwork had been developed for the York Minster rose dinner to benefit the cathedral’s monetary collection organization, the York Minster Fund, for the continued upkeep of the 1,000 year old structure.

still guessing

unseen beauty

The Unseen Beauty is a beautiful photo book that gives us an inside look into what goes on behind the scenes of The National Theatre in Belgrade, from the acting (or drama), opera and orchestra to, my favorite, the ballet. Founded in 1868, The National Theatre in Belgrade is one of the oldest and most important cultural institutions in Serbia.

“It was not difficult at all. Ballet dancers are like sportsmen, they can do whatever you need for the photo. They are fit, flexible, hard working and very beautiful. So, it was always a pleasure to work with them.

“The main thing was to actually make their portraits, to show how gracious and glamorous they are. Most of them did not have their professional photos taken for many years and I wanted to correct this mistake. I felt so good seeing how happy they were when they saw The Unseen Beauty book. I still get very emotional when I think about it.” Dina Johnsen

christian faur

When creating his artwork, American artist Christian Faur does not utilize pure dabs of paint to create these Pointillist-style images. He uses simple crayons as the medium for his artwork, but not in the way that one might typically expect. Working with thousands of colorful wax sticks, Faur stands the crayons up and arranges the tips into pixelated patterns that form stunning portraits.

Some have equated Faur’s work to an interpretation of digital photography. The Kim Foster Gallery says that Faur replaces digital pixels with more than 145,000 crayons and that, “This expansion of the pixel allows us to see the structure and scaffolding behind the surface of an image, opening the viewer’s eyes to the hidden patterns and complex arrangements of points that make up a photograph.”

As viewers move around the space and adjust their perspective, the visual experience of Faur’s work changes with the movement. The full image is best viewed from a distance, but up close is where the best understanding of the three dimensional piece can be most fully appreciated.

une ville de rêve

There is nothing I can actually do about it. Sometimes my mind goes to that little place flooded with memories, pictures and warm laughs, beautiful views over the beergardens, loud and close scenes, once they were real. I just go there and I smile.