skyline cup

by agnes s.

Coffee is thought to have been first cultivated as far back as the 9th century CE. Drinking it is a centuries-old, beloved tradition—and even social norm. Made for drinking coffee or other hot beverages, the Skyline Cup is innovative, beautiful and—most important—eco-friendly.

The skyline aspect of the cup puts a novel spin on the instantly recognizable New York City hallmark. The skyline is bold, distinctive and recognized the world over. Reminding us that the sky is not really the limit, the tall skyscrapers overlook the Hudson River, which unites the boroughs through which it flows. This inspired melding of fine material, classic form and decorative design makes the Skyline Cup a practical piece of art you can enjoy every day.

This cup makes a perfect souvenir for tourists, travelers, collectors and anyone who fancies seeing the skyline with every sip. The perfect size—in the way it sits in the hand, and in the amount it holds—the Skyline Cup lets you wake up and have your coffee with the city that never sleeps. You can fill your cup to the level of the skyline and watch its reflection on the gleaming surface, or you can fill it past the level of the skyline and imagine a world in which global warming may befall even the mightiest cities.

via triangletree