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Month: January, 2013

the paperman

psapp #3

morning coffee

My morning coffee. I am not proud to say that I do not function without my warm and dark friend here – I guess without it I’d be rumbling around till noon, being 100% unproductive and people could try to talk and eplain things to me, it’d be mainly useless, cause – honestly – I’d be still sleeping. It’s even worse during the winter – my bed and I have a pretty close relationship.
Sure it’s the placebo effect, at least I don’t feel its effects during the rest of the day or in social coffees – so I can assume it’s when my brain actually believes it’s time to f*ing wake up and be normal (well, maybe not so much, this last part). And this is me trying to motivate myself while the coffee is being made – organizing french and mexican urban documents, getting angry with my “x” key (it’s ridiculous, I’m hitting it and in 100 hits, one gets it) aaand it is done!
Have a good day* Enjoy your coffee switch!

about color

Color quotes


 Michael James Bell’s (a.k.a Bael) 

harold cazneaux

Harold Cazneaux

gold scars

I found out this today. Personally I think the concept is kind of amazing – being the gold almost all the time related to wealth, status and opulence – it appears here as the element that connects broken  and odd pieces. Representing “scars” that show to everyone the object was valuable enough for spending time repairing it instead of simply replacing it. It is almost screaming, gracefully: I’m still here and kickin’.

body language

Whitewash | Nicholas Alan Cope

Whitewash, a book by LA based photographer Nicholas Alan Cope and his view on LA. Images of the desolate concrete architecture, high in contrast, black and white, bleached by the sun, as a perfect translation of the city’s core. Sublime simplicity in a city of contrasts: ‘the famous and unknown, blinding light and impenetrable shadow, wealth and poverty, massive success and bitter failure.
Whitewash utilizes the whitest whites, the blackest blacks, and the modern and stark architecture of an idealized future that never arrived to tell the visual story of LA’s uniquely conflicted soul.’

Tê Timer


Tê Timer is a collaboration between Swedish Afteroom and Taiwanese Waterfall, materializing the relationship between tea and time in one product. The joint venture is a bound publication of a graphic arts collection curated by Waterfall and at the same time a container of a tea brick produced by Afteroom. Waterfall founder and editor Shauba Chang on Tê Timer: ”It’s like we put time into a container to exam it by an action, as a result, we make a timer … We make tea. We wait for film to be developed. We see leaves fallen from the tree. And eventually, we all grow a timer in our own body.” The Afteroom Tea Brick is made of extra sun-dried Gui Fei Oolong Tea, which exudes a unique fruity aroma and sweet honey tastes and is produced in Nantou, Taiwan where it was picked up by Afteroom on one of their travels.

(via Fontanel)