IRIS | small eye tracking camera

by agnes s.

Mimi Zou’s conceptualized IRIS project

The IRIS is a small eye tracking camera that is completely controlled by blinking and squinting and even recognized your friends, when it looks into their eyes. Sick, right? As the user looks through the lens, they can zoom in and out by narrowing or widening their eyelids. To take the photo, they simply hold their gaze and double blink.

First, as you hold the camera to your eye, it will scan your iris to identify you. As soon as it knows who you are, it will download all of your preferred settings: ISO, aperture, adjustments for conditions like nearsightedness or farsightedness. It also will continuously upload all of your photos whenever you have a Wi-Fi connection. Zou says her software is so efficient at tracking eye movements that it can focus the camera in real time to record video. Whether or not Zou ever gets the funding she needs to build a working model, it’s hard to imagine someone won’t use similar technology in something like Google’s Project Glass.

All I know is that whoever releases this technology to the public first may have a line of people ready to shove cash at them. (via techland & wethurban)