morning coffee

by agnes s.

My morning coffee. I am not proud to say that I do not function without my warm and dark friend here – I guess without it I’d be rumbling around till noon, being 100% unproductive and people could try to talk and eplain things to me, it’d be mainly useless, cause – honestly – I’d be still sleeping. It’s even worse during the winter – my bed and I have a pretty close relationship.
Sure it’s the placebo effect, at least I don’t feel its effects during the rest of the day or in social coffees – so I can assume it’s when my brain actually believes it’s time to f*ing wake up and be normal (well, maybe not so much, this last part). And this is me trying to motivate myself while the coffee is being made – organizing french and mexican urban documents, getting angry with my “x” key (it’s ridiculous, I’m hitting it and in 100 hits, one gets it) aaand it is done!
Have a good day* Enjoy your coffee switch!