Rogers Stirk Harbour + partners | their vision for Paris 2030

by agnes s.

London firm rogers stirk harbour + partners revealed their plans for their vision for greater paris 2030 last week. working together with london school of economics and arup they proposed 10 principles for metropolitan paris. (full article)

1. Adjustments by intensification and integration of the territory occupied by arterial railway today. linear parks, new lateral connections, cities techniques (energy, waste, recycling, combined logistics), new equipment and enhanced transport links that serve to metropole paris prepare for a future in sober resources.

2. Transport individually: the boulevards – recuperation of the public domain by adopting mini green cars: the creation of a network continuous open spaces across the metropole.  Transition strategies for transport individual generate reducing the footprint environmental and physical of the car, which allows a renewal of the public domain; more greenery, wider sidewalks, trails cycle.

image © rogers stirk harbour + partners