“it happens to me sometimes”

by agnes s.


“Sometimes it happens to me, when the lights shut down and the city stays in the dark. I open the door, take a peek at the stars and imagine for a second that the world ended for a while. Some other times it happens when I’m already in my bed and remember that my wallet stayed in the car. I get up, go down and find the streets empty, a cat trying to figure out if I’ll be a threat or not, the silence of a neighborhood who will necessarily wake up in a few hours to the labour routine. It also happens in the mountain trails, after setting up the tent in a sheltered recess in the cliff or in some forest clearing, in those minutes or hours that I’m around the campfire just delaying the time to go back to the sleeping bag. Of course, happens to me when my friends pull me to the tavern for a night out, for the celebration of friendship and life, when a guitar appears  and we sing and we toast so that there will be always songs to sing and musicians-poets to write them.

Yes, sometimes it happens to me this will of being this nocturnal animal, belonging to the wrong side of the night, going to bed when Lisbon dawns. But it is rowing against the tide of my own, I can not handle the uncertainty of the hours, with the messy daily routines, with the wasted mornings and with the unproductive idleness of the next day which is, surely, a day lost forever. You can’t have everything, and I prefer the sun to the moon.”

“A night in the end of the world” – GC

I’m still  divided between the sun and the moon. I guess one day/night I’ll make my choice. Or I’ll keep up having the best of both worlds.