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Month: April, 2013

a little bit again

Aperture Foundation | relaunch

Aperture magazine is pretty epic. Founded by Ansel Adams among others and known to contain work from some of the most famous photographers in history including the one and only Diane Arbus, this publication has always been recognised as thephotographic publication.

.In February, 2013, sixty years after its founding, Aperture Foundation will relaunch its flagship publication Aperture, one of the world’s leading photography magazines. Conceived by Executive Director Chris Boot, and editors Michael Famighetti and Melissa Harris to offer a more focused experience of great photography in print, the new Aperture will have a bold new redesign, with more pages, smart new columns, even more inspiring images, and insightful thinkers on the key themes and ideas in photography today, all writing for a broader audience.

The award-winning London designers A2/SW/HK have re-envisioned the magazine as a luxurious print object defined by its tactile presence, dynamic typography unique to Aperture, and high-quality reproductions. Each quarterly issue will feature at least 50% more pages and will be reformatted to a larger trim size. Now printed in Europe by Optimal Media, Aperture will be produced to even more demanding specifications. Presenting fresh perspectives accessible to the photo enthusiast and culturally-curious alike, each issue will examine one theme at the heart of contemporary photography, explored in two sections: “Words,” focused on ideas, interviews, and debate, and “Pictures,” offering a stunning and immersive photographic experience of individual artists’ projects and series. New columns include “Studio Visit,” “Collectors,” “Dispatches,” “Object Lessons,” and “What Matters Now?”

The debut issue will include contributions by Charlotte Cotton, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Eva Respini, Jeff Wall, Christopher Williams, James Welling, and Akram Zaatari, among many others. “In a time when photography is abundant on digital platforms, images in print––ink on paper––continue to offer a uniquely actual experience. We also believe that a magazine can engage photography’s changing narrative through thoughtful, accessible writing,” states the Editors’ Note. As part of the magazine’s relaunch, long-time Managing Editor Michael Famighetti has been appointed to the position of Editor. Melissa Harris, Editor-at-Large, will continue editing one issue per year, with her focus shifting to Aperture book projects. In addition, some issues will be guest edited; while others will be produced offsite, through the prism of a specific city or institution. Beginning in April 2013, with an exhibition at Aperture Gallery and a series of public programs, the magazine will become more closely integrated with Aperture’s live and online programming: the debates, ideas, and work published in print will be explored through events at Aperture Gallery and other venues, as well as online at Aperture.

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get lucky

picture by Hedi Slimane

paint the town black

When it comes to scale and ambition, few ad agencies pull things off with quite the same panache as Saatchi & Saatchi. Their new Guinness spot Paint the Town Black (directed by Daniel Wolfe) sees a whole town getting ready for a celebration by covering themselves and their homes in black paint. It links in with the Arthur’s Day celebration of the iconic drink’s founder and has some really nice atmospheric touches, plus a cool soundtrack.

The surreal shoot took place in a remote Romanian village with over 300 extras daubing everything from the buildings to the fountain with black paint in honour of Arthur Guinness Day on 27 September. The grade is by Simon Bourne, making the spot the latest in a long line of  collaborations between him and Daniel Wolfe that includes San Miguel Una Vida Bien VividaThe spot was post-produced by Andrew McLintock, with Tim Osborne leading on Flame.

“It’s another collaboration with Daniel from SomeSuch & Co, and this time he shot some amazing footage on location in Romania by Andre Chemetoff. Shot on 35mm film with anamorphic lenses it shows that all though film is a fading format of choice nothing can replace the beautiful images film can capture” said Simon Bourne.

“This commercial was truly a challenge to grade and at times difficult due to having to show dawn, day, dusk and night while maintaining and enhancing the soft colour palette and natural light. The excellent street casting and natural the rustic environment captured on film made it a real pleasure to grade, enabling me to bring out textures and tones setting a mood for a very up lifting commercial.”

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blurred lines | #THICKE

Though the lyrics are … well, they are a bit sexist, but their dance steps made me forget and – the music is ridiculously addictive. I woke up singing hey hey hey and thought: Seriously?


Hey hey hey and good morning*

deconstructing printed poems | Jamie Poole

While primarily working as a landscape painter and art teacher, UK artist Jamie Poole was struck with the idea of deconstructing printed poems into individual words and using the text to create large scale portraits. The final pieces are quite large measuring several feet tall, allowing for excruciating detail in both line and shadow, as well as creating an intriguing hybrid of portraiture, typography, and collage. You can see more images of Jamie’s work on his blog and in his Flickr stream.

now that the sky is blue | Thomas Lamadieu

For anyone who has lived or visited a narrow courtyard wrapped in buildings it can sometimes be a claustrophobic space with the sky limited in all directions, but the strange geometric gaps formed by the surrounding architecture are often fun to photograph. For instance art director Lisa Rienermann (Lisa’s) became famous for her award-winning alphabet formed from letters spotted in the space between buildings. However French artist Thomas Lamadieu instead used the constraints as inspiration for his imaginative illustration series Sky Art, where the artist drew within the narrow confines of rooftops and tiny slices of sky to create some pretty wild imagery.


patrick’s lighthouse | to help us get back into the world

Leave a lighthouse in the wild,
Cause I’m coming in a little blind
Dreamer of a lighthouse in the woods
Shining a little light to bring us back home.

Yesterday someone made me remember this little treat. I guess  I’ll be listening to Patrick’s for a while now. Again.


“I don’t know what to say”, he said.

“It’s okay” she replied. “I know what we are – and I know what we’re not.”

Lang Leav

marie van berchem | vague moments

Marie Van Berchem