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Month: May, 2013

movie #48 | there’s a storm coming


Is anyone else seeing this?”

Take Shelter by Jeff Nichols

movie #41 | the color will always bloom upstream



Definitely one of the weirdest movies I’ve ever seen. But worthy – still trying to figure it out, though.

Upstream Color by Shane Carruth

like the first fires

And all the memories are calling me back
For the first fires
Honestly, I can’t believe it’s burning again
Like the first fires

Nikolai Krusser | dancers

Nikolai Krusser


professor Kliq | bent wire & paper

There are some fantastic sequences in this brief stop motion clip by Victor Haegelin of Patator Prod accompanied by music from Professor Kliq. Haegelin relies entirely on bent wire and paper to create everything you see and it’s amazing how fluid all the individual wire strands become when animated like this, wish it went a bit longer. (via vimeo)

a photographer who has a camera named Betsy

“Today I discovered a photographer who has a camera named Betsy who tells me he’s been taking photographs for nearly six years. Y’know, since he was 8. I’m referring to Massachusetts-based photographer Fiddle Oak (his real name is Zev) who creates some impressive miniature photo-manipulations that he’s been sharing online with a growing audience for the last few years. Many of the images are a collaboration with Zev’s 18-year-old sister Nellie who helps with concepts and setup but all of the shooting and editing is done by Zev who is also frequently the subject of his own work. Somebody get this kid a scholarship to something.”

via david is going to die

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis | music + interview

00:26 – My Oh My
04:41 – Can’t Hold Us
17:44 – Wings
21:50 – The Town


film education-ish

Speaking of, despite this horrible mood, I should go check The Great Gatsby. Perhaps when I’m back being a bit more friendly. I’ll get there.