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define crazy

silver linings

In terms of crazyness, it’s hard to establish a fine line where you can say either a person it’s crazy or, on the other hand, so called normal. I personally think that no kind of extreme behaviour is beneficial for you but being in the middle place, very quiet, yep – it doesn’t help you either. We need balance. But balance does not mean estagnated.

I did like this movie. I had no expectations (always helps) – they scream, they yell, they jog, they dance, they cry. Scandalous and emotional. Great OST as well! Thumbs up!

saturday afternoon

I must say – I’ve already seen this movie before, long time ago – so long I didn’t actually remember the story plot anymore, so I’m still watching it. Not bad, a lot of known faces, a lot of stories to keep track, some good dialogues. Not brilliant, but a good alternative for this afternoon.


so many emotions I choose not to show



Yes. I am not taking this song out of the loop. I’m not even able to take me out of the loop. But we’re talking about trying anything once. The lyrics fit. The people don’t. I’ll keep it with me until I find another one that can actually fit into the thoughts that rumble in my head. Until I find one that sticks. So it’s staying for good. For now.


la strada (1954)

La Strada (1954)

Federico Fellini the writer/director  and his wife, Giulietta Masina performing the lovely Gelsomina.

Two genius in their own way. Who wins? We win.

a serious recommendation

Dancer in the Dark (2000)

I am not gonna make a review, i am not going to fancy it or whatsoever. Just do me a favor.

Go ahead and watch it. Please, do not miss it.

good movie, even better graphic designer

Viktor Hertz, a freelance design artist and photographer from Uppsala, Sweden.

dance dance dance

“Celebrate the never-ending choreography of life”

Through time, through the ages, what endures is mostly art. Art seems to be everything humankind leaves to its heirs – whether through buildings or books or paintings or music. Or movement, or dance. In that sense, I think of dance as the most current, the most up-to-date history lesson, as it is in a constant relationship with its most recent past and can only happen in the present.
Dance also, somehow, does not acknowledge borders in the same way as many other arts. Even when certain styles try to limit themselves or work within a frame; the movement of life, its choreography and its need for flux: these take over very quickly, allowing certain styles to mingle with other. Everything engages with everything, naturally, and dance settles only in the space it belongs to — that of the ever-changing present.

I believe that dance may be one of the most honest forms of expression for us to cherish: because when people dance, whether in a ballet performance, a hip-hop battle, an underground contemporary show or just in a discotheque, cutting loose, there are seldom any lies deployed, any masks worn. People reflect each other constantly, but when they dance, perhaps what they reflect most is that moment of honesty.
By moving like other people, by moving with other people and by watching them move, we can best feel their emotions, think their thoughts and connect to their energy. It is, perhaps, then that we can get to know and understand them clearly.
I like to think of a dance performance as a celebration of co-existence, a way to give and make space and time for each other. We tend to forget this, but the underlying beauty in a performance is that it is primarily the convergence of a mass of people, seated one next to the other, all sharing the same moment. There is nothing private about it; a performance is an extremely social experience. All of us assembled for this ritual, which is our bond with the performance, our bond with the same present.

And so, in 2012, I wish everyone lots of dance. Not to forget all their problems of 2011, but on the contrary, to tackle them creatively, to dance around them, to find a way to engage with each other and the world, to engage with life as part of its never-ending choreography. Dance to find honesty and to transmit, to reflect and to celebrate it.”

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

Stills from Pina Bausch’s work [“Pina”, “The Rite of Spring”, “Dancing Dreams”]

Singin’ in the Rain | The Office | Little Miss Sunshine

Et oui, merci pour la danse.


Et voilá!