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Ready or not

Pulling an allnighter, unwillingly. I’ll eventually shut down though.

Music in 3, 2, 1…

Under pressure.

Mérito a quem lhe é de direito. Porque num mundo cada vez mais vulgar, aponta-se o dedo aos “heroes”, apontam-se os “boys”, e ficam – valha-nos isso  – ficam os clássicos. E no fundo, quando a poeira assenta, só mesmo esses sobrevivem.


You do know how I feel about dance. A friend of mine just showed me this and I was absolutely delighted! The coordination, the timing and sharp movements – how lovely. And now I share*

valtari | sigur ros

I’m quite surprised I haven’t already presented this here – shame on me.




turning things around

Don’t go, tell me that the lights won’t change

Not disregarding any merit from Debussy’s original, classic and beautiful piece, this one keeps me going. Flight Facilities again. With a little help from Autumn in June, though the original is more than fine. Way more than fine.

Oh and it’s french for moonlight.

disclosure #2

so many emotions I choose not to show



Yes. I am not taking this song out of the loop. I’m not even able to take me out of the loop. But we’re talking about trying anything once. The lyrics fit. The people don’t. I’ll keep it with me until I find another one that can actually fit into the thoughts that rumble in my head. Until I find one that sticks. So it’s staying for good. For now.